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Music video "Breathing Free"



Introducing the project to others

Last week Ragne, Villem and Edvard introduced the project to other students in Tartu Kivilinna Gymnasium.

They started on Thursday (14.11). On that day they introduced it in one class only.

But on Friday they had to present the project for 5 times and then once more on Monday.

Their presentation was about 15-20 minutes long and gave a review about the project “Learning About Air pollution” in general. Then they focused specifically on pollution, black carbon and measurements and finally talked about the project meetings in France and Estonia. After that they showed the video of the first measurements and introduced our web page as well.

Students asked questions about our project but they also wanted to know how they could participate in the projects like this.


12.09-13.09 project meeting at Kopra Talu

On Sept 12 at 16.00 PM all pupils (Andra, Marilin, Sabina, Rimmo, Gromet, Martin, Edvard, Villem, Ragne, Joonatan, Kaarel, Kätlin and Margarete) and teachers (Helgi Muoni, Riho Rosin and Karin Lukk) started our journey to Kopra Talu.

The first thing we did after arriving was having lunch and after that we started with our tasks. Students were divided into 4 different groups.

First the science team (as we like to call them). They are Edvard, Villem and Ragne (instructed by Helgi Muoni). They were working on a presentation on results of the two measurement periods and on an exposition that was supposed to be put up on the third floor in Tartu Kivilinna Gymnasium.

The second group is the poster team. They are Marilinn, Andra, Kätlin and Margarete. At first they collected some ideas and then they made a rough copy. And they decided to finish it at school next week.

The third group is a duet – Joonatan and Sabina. Sabina is the head singer of the Comenius Learning About Air Pollution song “Breathing Free” and Jonatan is the one who wrote the melody of the song. They were rehearsing the song over and over again. Actually the song was ready before our trip to France but we didn’t feel like sharing it with you then. The lyrics were written by Karin Lukk.

The fourth group is the team of technicians.They are Gromet, Rimmo and Martin (instructed by Sven Hendrikson). They usually do all the work with the web page, but this time they were doing some cartoons.

And of course the media team. They are Kaarel, Margarete, Kätlin, Marilin and Andra (instructed by Riho Rosin). They documented all that we did there.

In general we managed to do quite a lot and we definitely can’t wait to show you what we have done.


Spring meeting / Barbeque party

Today at 16.30 on a beautiful rainy day we came together to talk about deadlines of videos, measurements and what do to with our guests from partner schools in autumn.

First we started to make some food, because that was the main reason, at least for some of us, why we came together.

This time everybody from our group was present. And after getting some food we started working or some of us did.

Everybody has been extra busy with the end of the school year. And that is why all the information goes up a little bit late on our website. Hopefully the vlogs about our trip to France will be up soon but firstly the measurements are coming up on June 3. So at the meeting we made up the schedule of the measurements - found out who volunteered to go to school during the summer break and especially at the weekends.

Riho also talked about animations, caricatures, cartoons and advertisements that we have to do about the project. This task is mainly aimed at our media group.

The fun part began when we started to come up with the ideas for what to do with other countries’ pupils when they would come to Estonia. We also talked about what to offer for and how to organize meals. So far we have planned out the days but we aren’t sure if they will stay the same.

After all this some of us were still cooking and some of us were already having the dessert. I would like to thank Andra who was hosting us at her home and for preparing the food.

For more pictures go check out our gallery.


How it all began?

So finally we can post videos. Hope you'll enjoy watching them as much as we enjoyed making them.


2nd meeting

01.04.2013 at 16.30PM we came together to show our presentation. Ms. Karin Lukk was joined us through Skype. At first it was little weird for all of us but we got used to it.

There were 3 groups showing us what they had done so far. The first one up was Kaarel. He is in team with Andra, Marilin and Joonatan. They did their presentation on the area surrounding of our school and about air pollution in general. Next were Villem and Edvard Thomas. They talked about black carbon and the measurements that we had done so far. And the final presentation was on 4 different gases which were O3, NH3, NO2 and SO2 which was done by Ragne. At the end of each presentation Ms. Helgi Muoni and Ms. Karin Lukk comment on them. They gave us guidelines what has to be done better. We also talked about 2013 Learning about Air Pollution project logo. And we decided to make T-shirts with logos and our names on them. We also talked about how we are getting to France, items to gift to our hosts and how must money to bring. :D


1st meeting

11.03.2013 at 5PM we had our first meeting where we all were together. All students and teachers met eachother. I'm saying that because so far we have only worked together with 3 teachers. So it was the first time that all the students met Ms. Helgi Muoni, Mr. Sven Hendrikson and Ms. Karin Lukk. Everybody had already met our project manager Mr. Riho Rosin. The meeting took place at Shakespeare's cafe. At the beginning we all introduced ourselves and then Ms. Muoni spoke about air pollution and differences between different countries and about the history of the cleanness of the air. As the night carried on we ate and had a great time. We talked about how to advertise our project and how everybody's assignments had gone so far. We set the deadline when our presentations have to be ready. It’s April 1. Like at the end of every meeting, we took some pictures.
Ms. Karin Lukk took the 1st picture so if you look closely you can see the difference in the 2nd picture.


Day 15

It's the last day of collecting measurements and today Ragne and Rimmo changed the filters for the last time.
In this measurement period all students involved participated in least one measuring. There were three students who knew how everything works and one of them was there every day to make sure everything was running correctly. By now we have also got to know eachother much better.


Comenius members questionnaire

You can answer the Comenius member questionnaire from here


Day 1

It’s first day of Comenius project 2013 in Tartu Kivilinna Gymnasium. All students came together to find out how to take measurements. It started in our school basement where we have our equipment. Three students were showing how to use and exchange filters on black carbon gauge. We have amazing school mates who shot some footage while others were telling them how everything works. When this was done we needed to fill out paperwork regarding weather. Other caps were filled while we were taking the measurements. But do get the weather data we needed to go to the third floor were we have our weather station. It needed to reset and after that we could take our measurements. After all that work we took that picture.
All in all, the first day was successful. And we all are excited to work on this project.


Comenius page up and running

Today, something incredible happened. Comenius project web page went online.
Stay tuned for more info...